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CSR Materiality

Due to the changing trends of domestic and international society and the rapidly advancing globalization of business, the environment surrounding financial institutions is always changing. In order to be flexible in responding to this change and contribute to the sustained development of society, we promote CSR activities while continually reevaluating MUFG's CSR Materiality.

CSR Materiality Selection Process

To select our CSR materiality, we utilize guidelines and surveys to identify CSR issues by looking at trends in the international society, and extract the issues that are most relevant to MUFG. We then further refine and select issues by “Impact on business success” and “Importance to stakeholders.” Through these means, we have designated three priorities as MUFG's CSR Materiality: “Customers;” “Community;” and “Responsible Finance.” We are now reviewing our selections based on in-house interviewing at relevant divisions and the opinions of outside experts.
CSR Materiality Selection Process
(As of November 2018)