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Aging population & low birth rate Aging population & low birth rate

Aging population & low birth rate

Assist our customers achieve smooth business succession while helping enhance their financial literacy through the provision of investment education, thereby facilitating a shift from savings to stable asset building.

Finance and Career Guidance

MUFG is engaging in social contribution activities that make use of its core business competency. As part of these activities, we are undertaking initiatives related to economic and financial education for students. We are creating educational programs that provide students with opportunities to learn about the structure of finance and the workings of the economy. We hope that these programs help children become more socially independent and provide them with the strength to realize their own unique lifestyle in the future.

Partnership with Junior Achievement

Through its partnership with Junior Achievement, an international organization that promotes economic education, MUFG helps young people enhance their financial literacy and provides career guidance.
Through this partnership, volunteer activities by MUFG employees around the world reached 5,000 hours, and MUFG Union Bank received a bronze President of the United States Volunteer Service Award for the third consecutive year from Junior Achievement USA.

Job Shadowing Work Experience Program

In cooperation with the public-interest incorporated association Junior Achievement Japan and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Board of Education, MUFG has been conducting the Job Shadowing Work Experience Program every July since 2007. The program pairs high school students with MUFG employees, with students shadowing an employee through the course of an ordinary workday. This gives the student first-hand experience of the realities of work and the sense of responsibility that comes with having a job. The experience also helps students consider their future options and career choices.
Every year, approximately 100 high school students participate in the program, experiencing what it would be like to work at the Head Offices of MUFG, MUFG Bank, Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking, Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities, Mitsubishi UFJ NICOS, and Mitsubishi UFJ Lease & Finance.

The program was held for the 13th time in fiscal 2019. After shadowing an employee during the A.M, the students attended a lecture about MUFG's initiatives toward FinTech and also participated in a group discussion with our employees. In the group discussion, students talked about the impressions they had in participating in the Job Shadow work experience program and asked our employees a variety of questions, including "what do you wish you would have done during high school?" and "what makes you feel that your job is worth doing?"

MUFG will continue to support the futures of high school students through the Job Shadowing Work Experience Program.

Students observing a meeting
Students observing a meeting
Group discussion with MUFG's employees
Group discussion with MUFG's employees

Activities in the Americas

At MUFG Union Bank, our employees believe that financial education helps people improve their lives. The bank and the MUFG Union Bank Foundation strongly supports the financial education programs provided by many community organizations around the bank's footprint. This support is evidenced by the strong employee commitment to teach and deliver financial programs in collaboration with many of our partners, such as Junior Achievement. One of our goals in this commitment is to help our youth acquire the critical financial skills they need to be successful.

Teaching Young Children about Money, Community, and Service

On Tuesday, June 7, some 20 MUFG Union Bank employees from the Orange County Region volunteered at Wilson Elementary School in Santa Ana, California, in partnership with the local Junior Achievement branch. Bank volunteers taught 12 classes, Kindergarten through 2nd grade, reaching about 300 students.
The employees spent the morning teaching children through role playing in a business setting. By engaging in volunteer-led activities, young students learn about individual choices, money, the importance of saving and giving, and the value of work.
At Wilson Elementary School, 720 students - more than 99% of the student population - identify themselves as Hispanic. More than 95% of the students come from families that are considered socio-economically disadvantaged.
Workplace experience at the Wilson Elementary School
Workplace experience at the Wilson Elementary School

Activities in Europe

MUFG continues to work in partnership with Junior Achievement (JA) across 13 branches in Europe, Middle- East and Africa. JA is the largest provider of entrepreneurship education programmes across the region, offering young people from primary all the way to university level with quality education programmes, teaching them about enterprise, entrepreneurship, business, personal finance and much more.
MUFG continued its commitment to support the next generation of young people in the communities where the business operates by forming a new partnership with JAYE in Prague. During the branches' 10th anniversary celebration, the new partnership was launched by Masahiro Kuwahara, CEO for EMEA, and Josef Muller, CEO of JAYE, Czech Republic. Josef commented: "I am deeply honoured by MUFG's new extended partnership with Junior Achievement. With this support we will now be able to reach more young people in more schools in more locations. It's about helping them make better choices, be more financially resilient and build sustainable livelihoods."
Activities in Europe

"Open Company" program, Poland

In Warsaw, "Open Company" a Junior Achievement program, gives students the chance to familiarize themselves with businesses in the local area as well as learn about the employees' career paths into the industry. In June 2017, MUFG volunteers attended the school to present to two different high schools in the city. Through further engagement and interaction with the volunteers, the young students gained awareness of specific skills and experiences required for different business roles.

Economic and Financial Educational Activities at Group Companies

Economic and Financial Education Provided by MUFG Bank

MUFG Bank (the Bank) is providing economic and financial education to elementary, junior high, and high school students in local communities through a workplace experience, primarily at local branches, retail banking customer service centers, and schools where employees conduct classes. In this program, students learn about the economy, finance, and the role of banks in society. In addition, they have the opportunity to interview employees, asking such questions as "What things do you value when it comes to your job?" and "What is it like to work as a team?" Through these interviews, and the first-hand experience of working, the program provides children with career guidance.

Annually, the Bank implements 400 activities with approximately 4,000 students attending hands-on classes and employee-conducted classes at schools.

MUFG Bank, Retail Banking Video Counter Center

Junior high school students from Tokyo were invited to our Retail Banking Video Counter Center to take part in vocational experience learning. In addition to touring the center and receiving lectures on banking operations and video counter work, the students also experienced the work of operators, etc. and touched the actual machines. Although they were nervous to begin with, they positively asked questions and deepened their level of interest in banking operations.
Retail Banking Video Counter Center

Visiting Lectures by MUFG Bank

In “visiting lectures”, which entails dispatching lecturers to local schools, MUFG Bank (the Bank) offers a career education curriculum that covers the role and mechanism of banks, life planning and other facets of financial and economic education, lessons on business manners and more. In virtual branch visits utilizing panoramic VR video materials, students can simulate bank branches and interviews with bank personnel from their schools.
Visiting Lectures by MUFG Bank

Internship Program (Dynamics of the Stock Market)

Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities (the Securities Business) is offering an internship program (Dynamics of the Stock Market, or Kabu no Chikara), a unique educational program about the economy and finance. Developed in cooperation with Educa & Quest Co., Ltd., the program consists of five classes where students learn about stocks. At the conclusion of the program, students are asked in groups to express how they leaned about Kabu no Chikara, in the form of a mock the Securities Business newspaper advertisement. The students give a presentation on these advertisements to the class. In FY 2018, approximately 1,300 students participated from 13 private junior high and high schools in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka and made a total of approximately 280 advertisements. Of the participating students, ten teams composed of representatives from each school (44 students in total) were formed to present their works at the Securities Business's Head Office. At the presentation, the chairman and the president of the Securities Business gave warm words of encouragement to the students.
This initiative has received high praise as it leverages the Securities Business's Head Office and is promoted on a companywide basis. At the FY 2018 9th Career Education Awards held by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, this initiative won the Encouragement Award in the major corporation section.
Internship Program (Dynamics of the Stock Market)

ACOM's Support for Financial Education

ACOM is holding lectures for college students regarding the knowledge of money, such as loans and credit, family budget management, and the outline of the consumer credit industry.
ACOM has been conducting such financial enlightenment activities roughly 10 times annually. ACOM hopes that these students learn to appreciate the value of money and manage their personal finances responsibly later in life.
Comments from Participating Students

Krungsri Financial Literacy Project

The 'Simple to Learn' Financial Literacy Project is Krungsri's CSR flagship project initiated in 2015 on the occasion of the Bank's 70th anniversary. The objective of the project is to provide financial knowledge to students. Activities were designed based on the following main concepts -- what is the value and significance of money, how to spend wisely, how to identify necessary spending and discretionary spending, and how to save money for your future. Activity stations were set up for students to learn about money and financial management & planning through games and quizzes designed for 4th to 6th graders.
This project is now on its 4th year of success, thanks to the collaborative efforts of all employees and executives from all functional groups under Krungsri. Currently, in addition to those in Thailand, youths in Lao PDR are also beneficiaries of this program. To date, Krungsri has provided financial literacy training to more than fifteen thousand students across Thailand and Lao PDR.
Krungsri Financial Literacy Project
(As of July 2019)