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Road Map to Risk Disclosures

Fiscal Year Ended Mar. 2013

Risk Governance

Definition of Risk Terminology Corporate Review P40(PDF / 3.18MB)
Risk Management System  Corporate Review P40(PDF / 3.18MB)
Overview of Stress Testing   Corporate Review P39(PDF / 3.18MB) 
Compensation  Form 20-F P139(PDF / 1.74MB) 

Top Risks

Business Management Indicators

Business Management Indicators Corporate Review P38(PDF / 3.18MB)
Risk-Weighted Assets by Business Segment and by Risk Type Supplemental Risk Related Disclosure P4(PDF / 139KB)

Credit Risk

Credit Risk Management System Corporate Review P43(PDF / 3.18MB)
Credit Exposures by Customer Segment and by Account Supplemental Risk Related Disclosure P5(PDF / 139KB)
Credit Risk-Weighted Assets (Basel Ⅲ)  Supplemental Risk Related Disclosure P6(PDF / 139KB)
Derivative Transactions  Supplemental Risk Related Disclosure P7(PDF / 139KB)
Risk-Monitored Loans  Selected Financial Information P14(PDF / 420KB)
Credit Risk Mitigation Techniques    Basel Ⅲ Disclosure P15(PDF / 429KB)

Market Risk

Market Risk Management System Corporate Review P47(PDF / 3.18MB)
Summaries of Market Risk Basel Ⅲ Disclosure P19(PDF / 429KB)
Market Risk Measurement Model Corporate Review P48(PDF / 3.18MB)
Stress Testing  Corporate Review P49(PDF / 3.18MB)  

Liquidity Risk

Operational Risk

Operational Risk Management System Corporate Review P50(PDF / 3.18MB)