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Road Map to Risk Disclosures

Interim of Fiscal Year Ended Mar. 2017

Risk Governance

Top Risks

Business Management Indicators

Business Management Indicators Basel Ⅲ Disclosure Fiscal 2015 P3(PDF / 445KB)
Risk-Weighted Assets by Business Group and by Risk Type  Basel Ⅲ Disclosure Interim Fiscal 2016 P62(PDF / 642KB)

Credit Risk

Market Risk

Market Risk Management System Form 20-F P209(PDF / 2.57MB)
Summaries of Market Risk Form 20-F P211(PDF / 2.57MB)
Market Risk Measurement Model Form 20-F P210(PDF / 2.57MB)
Stress Testing  Form 20-F P214(PDF / 2.57MB) 

Liquidity Risk

Operational Risk

Operational Risk Management System Form 20-F P215(PDF / 2.57MB)