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MUFG supports the Nikkei SDGs Forum

MUFG considers that the sustainable environment and society are prerequisites for our sustainable growth and thus addresses SDGs and ESG issues through its business activities by integrating our management strategies with efforts to resolve environmental and social issues.

MUFG at the 1st Nikkei SDGs Festival

Five MUFG companies participated in the first Nikkei Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Festival held from May 11 to 15, 2020, with representatives from each company, including MUFG President & Group CEO Hironori Kamezawa and Mitsubishi UFJ Research and Consulting President Satoshi Murabayashi, speaking at the event. In line with guidelines to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 infection, live and online broadcasts were made available to visitors.


ーThe SDGs Future Conference (May 11)

①Keynote speech

■Satoshi Murabayashi:President, Mitsubishi UFJ Research and Consulting

Theme:Achieving SDGs through Digital Transformation with Society 5.0 Technology


②Panel discussion with representatives from MUFG(the Bank, Trust Bank, and Securities)

■Tomoki Muto:Managing Director, Global Head of Structured Finance, Solution Products Division, MUFG Bank

■Masahiro Kato:Head of Responsible Investment, Asset Management Business Division, Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation

■Haruhiro Ikezaki:Head of Debt Capital Markets Division, Managing Director, Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities

Theme:ESG Trends of Investors and Companies Suppporting Sustainable Society with Finance


ーThe Nikkei SDGs Forum (May 14)

■Hironori Kamezawa:President & Group CEO, Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group

Theme:MUFG's efforts to achive the SDGs 


Hironori Kamezawa
Hironori Kamezawa
Satoshi Murabayashi
Satoshi Murabayashi
Masahiro Kato
Masahiro Kato
Haruhiro Ikezaki
Haruhiro Ikezaki
Tomoki Muto
Tomoki Muto